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#1 Old 31st Jan 2005 at 2:50 PM Last edited by Miche : 1st Feb 2005 at 11:50 AM.
Default check list for your new object useing MTS2Mesh Tool Wizard
I am starting a check list here, as the tutorial dosen't cover this.
This will cover basic simple objects at first, but feel free to add to it as you learn new things.

Please do not post here asking Q. about how to do things, there is already a trend for that.
That way it will be easyer to find the anser to your Q.

If you are just starting out, start with something simple like a chair, and learn as you go, like we all have done.

Starting from the top of simpe, click on

Catalog Description/plugin view=check that you remebered to change the name of your object, and description if you like.
both name and description is optional.

Geometric Data Container/plugin veiw/content/Items3= make sure all your models got imported and that the spelling is correct.
Right above that check that filename has been changed and hash# added.
Geometric Data Container/plugin veiw/editblocks=check that the name is the same as filename above including hash#.

Geometric Nobe/plugin veiw/Content= make sure you have a hash# for filename here.

Geometric Node/plugin view/reference= make sure the reference to the gmdc file has been updated to point to the new one (check the subtype and instance numbers are correct for the new gmdc file).
If it isn`t correct then click the "u" next to the setting and drag the gmdc file from the window what opens into the reference window, then delete the old reference. Then click commit and then Fix integrity again.

Geometric Nobe/plugin veiw/editblocks=make sure you filename with hash# is here in the box.

Large Image file/plugin veiw=click on each large image file in packed files, make sure you have hash# before the name on each one.

Material Definition/plugin veiw=check that all material definition in packed files has hash#.
Material Definition/plugin veiw/properties=this part is still unclear, I have always added hash# to stdmatbasetesturename of all the material definition, but with the last object I only added the hash to the one with same name as the texture that I altered, and everything seems to be working fine.
Material Definition/plugin veiw/File List=only add hash# here if you added it in properties above.

Material Override/plugin veiw=click on each material overrride in packed files, make sure the hash# is added to the name(dtstring) in CPF editor.
make sure the object guid# in ObjectGuid(dtUInteger) is changed to your new guid#.
Note: if you have more then one Object Data file, then this guid# should be the same as your master object data file, you will know this my there names, the master may be something like "Table-Dining-long victorian" and the other object data files will be something like "Table-Dining-long victorian-0,0" or "Table-Dining-long victorian-2,0".
remember this is all still very new, and we are still testing all this out. this may not be the same for all the objects.

Object Data/plugin veiw= make sure all your object data files have a new guid# that you registered, you have to have a different guid# for each one.

Resource Node/plugin veiw/content=check to make sure the hash# was added to file name here.
Resource Node/plugin veiw/edit blocks=make sure the file name from content with hash# is here.

Shape/plugin veiw/content=check that hash# was added to file name here,
Shape/plugin veiw/content/parts=check that the name of each of your model parts from Geometric Data Container/plugin veiw/content/Items3 is here, and each one is linked to a Material Definition. (everything before : is the name, after : should be the name of what ever MATD that you are linking it too.
Shape/plugin veiw/Edit Blocks=make sure the hash# is in front of the shape file name.

Texture Image/plugin veiw=make sure each testure image in packed files has a hash# in front of the file name. and that the names of the textures match any altered MATD.

ok this is it for simple changes.
anyone that has found out new info, or see I have missed something please post it. ty
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#2 Old 31st Jan 2005 at 2:57 PM
Thank you!
This should be VERY helpful.

There's nothing like biting off more than you can chew, and then chewing anyway.
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