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MTS Speed-Building Challenge - posted on Today at 7:25 PM
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Default Resolved - How to stack stairs?
I've been examining Marvine's groundbreaking set of spiral stairs to learn how to make custom animations, and it dawned on me while looking at the packages that they were created BEFORE the release of Apartment Life. Well, that just makes me even more impressed with her work! So now I'm all gung-ho to make some more modern-looking spirals that will work with basegame installations. I've got a lot of reading to do, as well as some experimenting with wes_h's Animesh tool, before going on with the custom animations, so I'll get to my actual question:

I always enjoy stacking Marvine's stairs, and had intended to make these stairs stackable, since that was the attractive feature of the stairs in the photo that inspired them. I always took stackability of Marvine's stairs for granted, assuming it was just a feature of spiral stairs in the game, but now that I know she cloned them from regular old straight stairs, I want to learn how to stack the straight stairs themselves. Does anyone know what BHAVs / parameters I should look at to make this happen?

EDIT: It has someting to do with the lo stub portion of the staircase. Evidently, you can omit or replace or even change direction of the lo stub to allow stacking or placing things under stairs. Time to experiment...
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