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#1 Old 19th Jan 2015 at 12:35 AM
Default BBB hair mesh question for a mod or admin
I wasn't sure where to put this in the forum and as it deals w/ an 18 and over site I didn't want to just post it anywhere. I was told I should put it in the creators forum, but there again was hard to decide where. I choose this one as it deals with body shop and meshes.

There is an upload on MTS by vetty where they converted a BBB male hair for the younger sims. Vetty didn't do the adult one, but instead they gave a link where to get the adult one done by BBB. That link was at insim.net and is long obsolete.

In the comments BBB states that vetty may add the adult mesh to her archives and gave a new link from media fire. Going by her profile, vetty's last post was done on Sept of 2008, and her hair upload says she has not logged on in some time. So I'm guessin she never saw BBB's permission post since he posted it April of 2009. As it was 6 years ago, and never updated, the media fire link does not work.

vetty's hair http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=126768
BBB's hair http://beosboxboy.blogspot.com/2008...ir-for-men.html

I have found the hair on BBB's site, Male-Ordered Bride, however it is an 18+ site. So I guess what I am sorta askin is since BBB gave his permissoin for vetty to add the mesh with hers and she's not around, could an admin add the mesh from BBB's site to her upload for those who want it in the future and don't know of BBB's site or are under 18?

My other thought was if we couldn't add it to her post maybe we could make a new post with it? Would that be doable?

Thanks in advance however it works out
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#2 Old 9th Nov 2017 at 5:46 AM
The mesh was missing from BBB's site. However I've since found the mesh. Hat Plays sims did a recolor of it. It's here in her hair dump. It's the 9th hair down she called Leonine. I works perfect in my game and when combined w/ Vetty's they grow up with the same hair in all life stages.

I did post the info in the comments of Vetty's post for anyone in the future might want it too.
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