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Default Controlling Fade-out/ Adding New TSRW Parameters
What controls the fade-out in objects? Currently working on some distant terrain objects and would like to find out.

I have two test TSRW files:
1.) One cloned from a distant terrain- this has no fade-out, which is ideal. This is missing some parameters I want to use.
2.) One cloned from a billboard- this has a fade-out, which is not ideal for large distant objects. This has parameters that I want to use.

What controls this fade-out?

3.) Alternatively, how do I properly add new texture parameters in TSRW? I tried the ReskeyInt4 + NumValue 4, but it seems to clone an existing texture over and over- which obviously doesn't work when I want to add different texture maps.

Link to the test files here:!oBQyxL7a!Y2_6GKhseBAshfQG5xC2icGXeibm2xo2G2LiJqHBp0A
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Allrighty, so I checked it out... can't say if it's a fix... but for one you could check out the foliage shader, which is usually used for 'meshes on a distant terrain'. it also has a dimming shader so it seems, so maybe you could try those instead?

Here's a picture:

Second thing that I thought of is... usually different kind of shaders are usually being used in the second group of an object, although I'm not sure if that only counts for furniture... But it's worth checking out!
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A bump with a solution:

I forgot about this question, but if you go into S3PE and edit the OBJK, the Unknown1 line for fading objects is 0x00. If you change it to 0x02 (if I remember correctly), objects will not fade.
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