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Default Make Female Sims Shorter
Where is the Teen Height file located in a TeenĀ“s SIMO file?
I thought it would be pretty cool too have all females above teen to be shorter than the males.
Can I take a teen file and import to an adult file in S3PE?

Thank you in advanced!
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You will not succeed, the animations are not divided by gender.
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Originally Posted by whiteman-Dara
You will not succeed, the animations are not divided by gender.
Okay, I see.
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Hey there is a slider mod for changing a sims height you could have a script changing the slider for adult females to change their height (i havent tested the slider mod myself.
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You will have problems with animation. Low sims will fall into chairs, sofas and other furniture. High sims, on the contrary, will hang over the same furniture, in short, problems that were furnished after installing patch 1.26 / EP pets, will return.
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The sims height mod and making a script is actually a nice approach though! But that is if you want to do it the scripting way

An alternative way would be to replace all/most meshes in-game... which is a lot of work. The reason why teens are smaller is actually because EA made it so their mesh body is smaller to that of a adult sim. if you were to look at the face mesh, it would be lower in position than the adult face mesh. See it as comparing the child mesh to an adult mesh, because the child mesh is smaller, it will appear smaller, so it's not necessarily done by animations or IK_rigs or whatever
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