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Default What Isn't This? Mod to stop Sims investigating new items.
Looking for testers to see whether my mod works. It should stop the autonomous reaction to "SimGod" placing new furniture around the house.
Need to see how it works across different EPs - and whether it works or not. I've been using it for a while and I don't recall anyone snooping at new stuff, but I ain't the best at remembering.
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Hello? Nice to meet you. I'm a rather small Sims 2 modder that well, mods (And seems to post a lot on the forums with seemingly with a lot of posts. Or maybe just around 60 but who cares idk how to count well actually I do but that's a story for myself.)

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Originally Posted by HugeLunatic
How does this differ from Pescados NoWhatsThis?

Hadn't seen that. Oh.
I swear I looked everywhere to look for something similar and I guess I didn't look far enough.
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@BkajnlConcepts So cool that you figured this mod out, though!

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