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Default Underground Bunker 2.0, Part 2 - Annihilation
Underground Bunker 2.0

Part 2

The Annihilation

Story: After such a time spent in the towns away from Windenburg, 10 full generations, in fact, the new age has finally understood that it's counterproductive to use up food when traveling to collect it. Children who've grown mature, and clever, in their ways of sustaining the household have realized that the best, fastest, and easiest way to collect food, search for survivors, and work towards a fully functioning power grid and water system is to be in the heart of the problem.

The previous generation made it their mission to teach their children how to change their odds of survival for the future. Too many have died because they didn't have heat in the dead of winter or no water supply in the sweltering summer. Now, the current generation has taken it upon themselves to collect their family, friends, and belongings, and head out hit the only town that's left that has a plethora of supplies.

Unfortunately, upon arrival, a small few of the party members start showing signs of illness. It's first thought that a small illness has ripped through the household and it could be taken care of with some herbal remedies. However, after it was seen that they weren't working, a more sinister infection was suspected.

It was discovered that a total of 3 household members had contracted the SR-256 virus. And, because nearly every other Sim in the household had been so close as they believed it to be nothing too serious, they likely had the virus as well but weren't yet showing signs biologically.

You hear this news and it's all you need to hear to fuel your motivation. You know that everyone, everyone is sick, except you. But if you want to survive the night, you have to leave. Easily enough, you gather some supplies, collect the few trinkets you had acquired over the years and attempted to slip away without a sound.

You were intercepted just as you made it to the end of the lot by one of the sons of your parent's friend. He, too, wants to leave, knowing full well that he and you are most likely the only healthy people in all of Windenburg, and that he would be leaving his life behind, just like you are. You are reluctant at first, but you understand how hard life would be on your own and decide to have him tag along.

The two of you reach an empty lot on the edge of town, as far away from the family as you could get. You and he decide this will be yours forever home. You start in on a small garden with the limited supplies you have, and he gets to work on building a suitable house for the two of you.

You are now living on the smallest lot in the entire town of Windenburg. This is the life you will live until further notice. You and he must live become self-sufficient on your own until you can bring in survivors and expand your household.

Goal: Survive daily life inside the hostile environment of Windenburg, a world ravaged by disease and the people who've contracted it.

  • Lifespan should be set on normal.
  • create 2 YA Sims, boy or girl. They cannot be related and if you want them to be married at some point, you can widen your household with children instead of survivors.
  • after suitably dressing your Sims and randomizing their traits, place them in the smallest open lot in the town of Windenburg, as it is the last town that has any viable chance of survival.
  • build a home that can house your Sims, but remember that the world you're in is full of diseased Sims so, consider a fence, at least. You only have the available funds to work with, try to keep it simple.
  • there is both a cheat and a mod to keep children and teens from having to go to school. I personally recommend the mod, which can be found on this site, but either is possible. This is necessary because travel outside the home lot is strictly controlled only to the times that supplies must be gathered.
  • don't forget to have some sort of plan on how to get an income since Sims can't have careers either. You could consider flower arranging, writing, programming, etc.

IMPORTANT: This challenge is inspired by Misty DW's Doomsday Countdown challenge, countdown, or rather count-up? Anyway, I use a bit of her idea in this challenge and I don't want anyone saying I stole it. I want to give full credit to MistyDW, she had the original idea and it's a pretty awesome idea, to be honest. So, here's my interpretation of the Doomsday Countdown challenge, only with an original challenge idea plastered in the middle like some messy collage or something.

  • quarantined Sims must remain in quarantine for 3 days minimum, depending on their reason for entering. If a Sim has an everyday bloaty head or tiger stripes, they can stay for only 3-4 days, but if a Sim has contracted the SR-256 virus and survived, they must be quarantined for a minimum of 1 Sim week to be sure the virus is no longer contagious. To quarantine, have a room with a bed, toilet, shower, and personal kitchen to aid in the comfortable time an ill Sim will have while being put away. Under no circumstances are healthy Sims allowed to touch anything inside the quarantine room unless there are no sick Sims inside.
  • food must be collected (searching for wild plants and fishing) at least once a week. Each time a Sim goes out and returns, they must do a virus check.
  • any Sim who feels sick must do a virus check and must be placed into quarantine for a minimum of 3 days. The small illnesses that can be cured with herbal remedies are not life-threatening in regards to the challenge if they aren't ill with SR-256.
  • if Sims are sick with the disease, they must roll for survival. The chance is always 50/50 for surviving this virus. If the Sim is sick and survives, they either must be forced out of the home or be placed into quarantine for a minimum of 1 Sim week to prevent contagion.
  • Sims can only search for survivors to add to the household on the days they are collecting supplies. They must have at least 1 positive trait and must undergo a virus check before entering the household.
  • when traveling on supply runs, you must consume a few food items to replenish your Sim's needs. While on these runs, avoid highly populated areas such as community lots to prevent ambushes and attacks from both gangs and looters.
  • You cannot carry out tasks until they are prompted by the daily event. Say, if you want to search for survivors, you can't start doing that until the daily event says you can, then after that, you can do it as often as the challenge allows.
  • each time a Sim returns home from going out to collect supplies and search for survivors, they must do a virus check, no exceptions. They've been out in the wild for such a long time, they've been exposed and must be checked before entering the home.

  • the chance of getting infected:
    roll for daily I.R. of 1-20, if the Sim becomes sick, roll for survival which is always 50/50. So, for example, if the I.R. is up to 13 on a particular day, it can be lowered by the level of Logic or Fitness, whichever one is lower at that time. If my Logic is 7 and my Fitness is 9, I'd use my Logic to determine infectivity. If the I.R. is 13, I would subtract 7 and only have to get a random number above 6 to keep a Sim from getting sick.
  • herbalism skills will be key to curing small illnesses while Sims are in quarantine because you can't order medicine on the computer.
  • you may still have a bunker, above ground homes need extra protection against townies.
  • Windenburg has a small supply of running water and electricity. It can be tapped into for a short time. During this time, water and electricity can be used for as long as the challenge allows.
  • during the time when the power and water are still functional, build the following skills so you may use both to function the utilities after they go out: Handiness, Logic, Programming
  • be entirely self-sustained by the end of the challenge to complete it.

Positive Traits: Active, Genius, Bookworm, Self-Assured, Loves Outdoors, Vegetarian, Good, Loner, Evil, Glutton, Slob, Kleptomaniac, Foodie, Neat, Geek, and Family-Oriented.
Negative Traits: Self-Absorbed, Jealous, Mean, Squeamish, Snob, Lazy, Clumsy, Erratic, Romantic, Hot-Headed, and Gloomy.
Positive Skills: Cooking, Handiness, Fitness, Wellness, Social, Motor, Logic, Gardening, Baking, Fishing, Herbalism, Programming, Charisma, Mental, and Rocket Science.

DON'T READ AHEAD of the day you are on to prevent biased decision-making. If you don't know the outcome, you can't make any wrong decisions, can you? Could you possibly regret your decisions if you never really knew the outcome in the first place?

Annihilation Chronicle:

I.R.= 0
This is the first day of the challenge, picking up where the backstory had left off. You and he are in Windenburg, on the edge of town, and must do what it takes to survive. Nothing happens on this day, but don't get comfortable. Just because you're safe one day, doesn't mean you're not gonna be attacked, become ill, or lose something from your home the next.

Your home on the lot must be built with enough space for the two Sims and all items must be the cheapest quality.

They must have the minimum of the following: A large bed, a toilet, a shower, a sink, a fridge, a stove, 3 counters, an antenna TV, a loveseat, and a bookshelf.

They must have the maximum of the following: a couch, 2 beds, a toilet, 2 sinks, a shower, a fridge, a stove, 3 counters, and antenna TV, a bookshelf, and two skill items.

During your travels to this lot, you notice there aren't much police or any soldiers in town, not like it was back home. There didn't seem to be anyone, really. If you choose to travel on this day, no virus checks are necessary, even if you come in contact with townies, just for story purposes.

I.R.= 3
(Whenever we go out, the people always shout)
What little police that's left has instructed your neighborhood that they can go out for supplies as often as possible. You should never go alone and you will have the protection of the officers while you travel, and can only travel if you have a Fitness OR Wellness skill of 1 or higher and a Logic skill of 1 or higher.

If and when you go out, direct contact with townies is forbidden. Should such contact occur, a virus check should be done immediately (as well as the one you have to do when you get home).

At this point, you can now look for survivors of this virus. They must have at least one positive trait and no negative traits. Also, they must undergo a virus check before entering the home.

IMPORTANT: When doing supply runs, you can collect crystals, metals, frogs, feathers, and any other collectibles and keep them. They can be used for profit or for bartering.

I.R.= 1
(pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, or maybe just some rusty pipes?)
Luckily, the small lot you've chosen has an adequate water and power supply. The problem is, the power is choppy at best, and the water is a muddy brown color when it first turns on. You cannot drink this water, and bathing with it is risky.

Every 2 showers equal 2 days without one, meaning you cannot shower for 2 days straight, while the water starts to whip back to the ordinary flow. With the electricity: because the power is so unstable, your companion suggests moderating the time and amount of power used in the home.

This results in only having power for 15 hours a day for 4 days a week.

If you go outside, remember, upon return, you must perform a virus check. Any survivors found during this time must also undergo a virus check.

I.R.= 5
(The Mist)
The air around the house was thick with fog and another component, something hot and sticky, like humidity but... dirtier. Due to the poor air quality, the chance of heading out today carries with it the higher risk of contracting the virus. If you should come in direct or arms-length contact with any townies, including survivors, you must perform the virus check as well as the one you have to do when arriving home.

I.R.= 4
(Steel Magnolias)
You've really got a good garden going now. Fruits, vegetables, flowers, even a handle on the herbs that are growing in the corner. If you have a gardening skill of 4 or higher, you can purchase Patchy the Scarecrow and use him however you see fit.

I.R.= 6
(Work, work, work it out)
The fog has cleared. Unfortunately, that has given way to the presence of looters and thugs, and even average folks who need supplies. To prevent any unnecessary ambushing or attacks, you must have a Fitness level of 3 or higher to travel within the town and a Logic skill of level 3 or higher to travel within the town.

If you go outside, remember, upon return, you must perform a virus check. Any survivors found during this time must also undergo a virus check.

DAY 10
I.R.= 6
The threat of other Sims is still very high today. Traveling to the city center requires extra caution.

Even with extra precautions in place, while on a supply run, your party runs into a small group, or at least what you thought was a small group. You helped them upon request to collect their fallen supplies. Without touching anything directly or getting too close, you push all the far items close enough for one of them to pick up. After all the items are gathered, one of the members of the group pulls a gun. Suddenly, a horde of group members literally come out of the woodwork and surround your party.

You're left with 3 items of your choosing per Sim who tagged along after being ambushed and beaten by that group of hooligans. They seemed harmless, but clearly, you were wrong.

DAY 13
I.R.= 7
(The Military)
The constructed power grid and water supply system have been on the funk for the past few days. Your companion attempts to fix it, but with such little supplies to upgrade or even repair broken parts, there isn't much he can do. The results of the failing grid and water supply system is that the electricity to the house is now only available 10 hours a day for 4 days a week and the water supply is only accessible 8 hours a day for 4 days a week.

During the hardships at the homestead, things are heating up at the city center. You remember hearing a roar in the sky the night before, something you'd never heard before. It turned out to be a helicopter, several of them, in fact. It seemed that the military was still up in running somehow and they'd sent a large platoon of soldiers to Windenburg. Wonder what's up?

DAY 15
I.R.= 7
(Watch Your 6)
The soldiers have made their presence known. They, on a loudspeaker, announced they have arrived to aid in public security.

"In the interest of the Sims, we will be implementing Martial Law. Your community now has a curfew of 10:00A to 8:00P. Any offenders will be detained and dealt with accordingly. Thank you and have a nice day."

They also spoke of realigning the water and electricity supply so each citizen in the community has a fair amount, but your system is off the town's mainframe, so that's not happening.

If you choose to go out, it can only be within curfew hours and you cannot travel alone. If you are caught outside curfew hours, and you will be caught, all collected items will be confiscated and you will be detained for 3 full days. Only those with a Fitness OR Wellness skill of 5 or higher and a Logic skill of 5 or higher can go out into town.

It's in your best interest to stay away from other people on this day, seeing as the chances of contracting the virus are high. Survivors must be sought out on a day when the infectivity rate is lower.

DAY 16
I.R.= 6
(Beating Us Down)
The utility system is failing. It has declined more than before and now has led to rationing for the garden and for cleaning yourself. For every shower, you must have 4 days without one. Gardens can only be watered between the hours of 12:00P to 6:00P. No other use of water is allowed to prevent unnecessary loss of required supplies.

The electricity is now only functional for a maximum of 8 hours a day, 3 days a week, and can only be used for necessities and not leisure activities. This means no items besides the skill items and electrical appliances that require it can be operated for any reason.

DAY 18
I.R.= 8
You are grateful for the presence of the military. Gang bashings are down and raids to keep looters from stealing Sim's hard-earned supplies have really turned the town around. What's strange is that each night, you hear distance noises, they almost sound like screaming. Huh.

One of those nights, you're awoken by the sound of frantic pounding at your door. Everyone walks with you to open it; the whole house also being awakened by the noise. You all debate of whether to open the door or not and ultimately choose to do so. On the other side, there stood a man in fatigues, drenched in sweat and breathing heavily.

"You gotta help me! They're gonna kill me!" He practically shrieks.

You ask what's happening and are given the simple explanation that the man has gone AWOL and the military is after him. He needs your help to throw them off his trail. You have 3 options:

A. Help him. You let the soldier in, allow him to eat and drink and give him a comfy bed for the night. In doing this you lose 5 units of food and a bed for the night.
B. Tell him to leave. You can't have the Sims who're helping the town be on your bad side for harboring a fugitive.
C. Allow him to come in, but only give him supplies and tell him to leave. He must fend for himself like everyone else, but you can at least give him a fighting chance. You lose 10 units of food, 2 seed packets, 1 small furniture item (i.e. a chair or something of the like), and a skill book of your choosing.

DAY 21
I.R.= 5
(Vi veri universum Vivus vici)

The soldier bangs on the door again after you slam it in his face. He begs you but you ignore him and send everyone back to bed. He is left to run on his own from his fellow soldiers. The next day, while out during curfew, you spot a soldier wearing a bright blue sash, the same sash you saw around that soldier's neck the night before.
The soldiers have enforced a tighter curfew to get a better hold on the neighborhood, or so they say. You are now allowed outside your home lot from the hours of 12:00P to 6:00P

If you go outside, remember, upon return, you must perform a virus check. If you come in direct contact with any townies, you must do a virus check along with the one you have to do when going home. Also, any survivors who come to your lot must undergo a virus check before entering.

DAY 22
I.R.= 8
(Good Deeds)
The soldier rushes in when you step to the side to let him in. He graciously accepts the food you give him and sleeps soundly through the night. However, the military isn't stupid. They were tailing him closer than he thought and saw him enter your home. They show up the next morning asking questions and you have to make up some story to keep them from coming in, but it doesn't work.

The soldiers come in and search for the man but he is long gone. The soldiers detain you and the other eldest Sim in the household for 3 days for harbouring a fugitive. You lose all inventory items and cannot go out for the next 2 weeks.

DAY 24
I.R.= 6
(Calm Before the Storm) (you should be aging up by now)
Things are getting stranger and stranger. Now, there are soldiers posted on every block, armed and ready to go to war, but with who, exactly? The curfew is strictly enforced and there's a rumor that it's going to be lifted and a total lockdown will replace it. Of course, there's a widespread fear of this, but you still try to hold out hope that the military is here to help... until you notice how they start rounding folks up and shoving them into their homes so roughly, it could be deemed as brutality.

From this point on, you are no longer allowed to leave your home at any time. Should you attempt, the Sim who leaves will be taken into custody and will not be returning home.

What's even more frustrating is that your water supply and power grid have finally kaput! You no longer have access to electrical items or water appliances from this point on.

The chances of infection are high, but since you aren't going anywhere, there are no checks to be done on this day.

DAY 26
I.R.= 9
(Annihilation, Part 1: Massacre)
Today should've been a good day. The sun was out, the wind was fair, though it was rather chilly. The neighbors had sent over plans on a new community bunker they'd been planning, and the household had even gotten the youngest ones to reach their highest skill levels. But even with that, even with the sun, the neighbors, and the children... today was not a good day.

You were finishing up trimming weeds in the garden and you started hearing that distant noise again... what even was it, really? Then, when it became louder and louder, seeming to be moving closer, you realized that it was indeed screaming. The louder it became, more of the household members joined you outside to inquire about the origins of this screaming.

The moment you saw it, you bolted, dragging everyone back inside and yelling at everyone to grab certain things, only what they can carry, and get ready to leave. When your companion asks what was going on, you were honest.

-Have each Sim in the household carry 5 units of whatever items you want them to. Some can hold food (4 pieces of food counts as 1 unit), some can hold valuables, etc..

"They were, uhm... they were gunning them down. All those people... innocent people..." He understood what you said, even in your hushed tone. He helped everyone gather their supplies and the lot of you left your home behind.

-Go into move household and move your Sims to the most inconspicuous lot in town, one that won't give away where they are at any point. From this part in the challenge on, you will be living there, electricity and water free until further notice.

DAY 28
I.R.= 11
(Try to Take a Breath)
You get to your new home just before dawn. You hope this won't be a repeat of when you first came to Windenburg. Fortunately, you all make it there unharmed and illness-free. This is the time you spend erecting the tents you collected on the way over and fixing a hot meal for the household. You waste no time at all sowing some seeds and getting your garden established as soon as you can. Your companion makes it as hard as possible to see the lot from the road or from above and begins construction on the bunker that has now become a necessity.

Spend this day establishing a home on the new lot. build a bunker with available money, and a greenhouse as well if funds permit. Make sure you have all the minimum required objects. There is no maximum amount of objects you can have in this bunker.

DAY 29
I.R.= 9
(It's Not Over)
Just when you thought you'd gotten away, you hear the roar of a military vehicle approaching. They stop down the street and you find it necessary to send someone to find out what's going on.

The Sim with the highest Fitness OR Wellness skill and a Logic skill of 5 or higher must go out for a minimum of 6 hours today. Upon return, they must do a virus check and they also return with 3 items of your choosing, excluding furniture.

When that Sim arrived home, they seemed a little out of it, like something was amiss. They sat at the table and stared somewhere into space. You try to ask them what happened and they look at you with such a face, it chills you to your core.

You know exactly what's about to happen.

DAY 32
I.R.= 10
(Annihilation, Part 2: Atomic Cleanse)
The day was dark cloud cover almost the whole morning. You had an inkling maybe the powers that be knew that something was up and had poor assumptions. You were picking the small seedlings from the plants that had just started to bloom, your companion was taking down all the tents and taking in the items scattered around the yard, and everyone else was already inside the bunker.

You had been told by one of the household members about what he caught the soldiers saying and the outlook today was very, very bleak. He told you they had been making plans about what to do when they got out of town, what they want to do with their families, and sorts of things like that. But he also told you the soldiers were confirming plans on how the "mission" was being played out.

Just as you were recalling the few words he spoke about it, you heard a loud, long siren seemingly coming from the city center. The second you hear it, you lock eyes with your companion. It's happening.

You tear off the last few seedlings and he rips down the last tent and both of you bolt for the door to the bunker. When you get inside and seal the doors, the sirens stop, and for a moment there is silence, dead, complete silence. Then a small, distant snapping sound, crackling even. It must've been the sound of the air around the reason the for the siren, you thought.

The sound continued, getting a little louder and accompanied by a loud BOOM, shaking the ground and the bunker encased by it. You squeeze your eyes shut, knowing that what had just happened was the military dropping a nuclear bomb on the city, planning to eradicate the town, and the surrounding towns, of SR-256, deeming it to be far too dangerous to allow it to go on any further. They believed the radiation would combine with the cells of the virus and destroy them completely, hopefully.

-Remove all buildings and homes from Windenburg in "Manage Worlds" mode.

-For the remainder of the challenge, you cannot leave your bunker for any reason. Luckily, a power grid and water supply system was successfully set up and is run by underground pumps. They weren't affected by the bomb just yet and you now have power and water for your bunker for 8 hours a day for 4 days a week, but only if at least 2 Sims in the household have a Handiness level of 7 or higher, a Logic skill of 5 or higher, and a Programming skill of 3 or higher.

-Unfortunately, the water used to feed the plants before heading to the bunker had previously been contaminated with the virus via some dirty clothes and poor food disposal. You now must do a virus check on all Sims in the household.

DAY 34
I.R.= 8
(Take a Step Forward)
If you have anyone left in your home, consider an indoor garden and honing our skills during the time in the bunker. These things will keep you busy and feed the household. The virus is still present in the household from the plants. It's your choice if you want to keep them and grow food from those, but you'd have to do virus checks on the household each event day, OR you could use what money you have left and buy seedlings if you have any at all.

DAY 37
I.R.= 7
(Every Breath You Take)
Radiation Sickness: 5
It's been a few days, but it still sounds hellish outside. Your greatest fear at this point is matched by that of the virus. You hope radiation can't get through to the bunker and into where your family sleeps. If only you were so lucky.

Some household members begin to show signs of radiation sickness, with headaches, vomiting, hallucinations, what appears to be chemical burns, and general flu-like symptoms, only with an extra kick of severity and possible death.

From each day forward, you must check each event day for radiation sickness just as you would for the virus, only this time, the odds are 1-10 and the chance of death is 60/40, 40 being death. Each event day will have the chance at which a Sim can become ill with radiation sickness, and when or if they do, they must be quarantined for at least 5 days. During this time, they cannot be in contact with any healthy Sims nor can any equipment they use.

DAY 38
I.R.= 8
(60 Seconds)
Radiation Sickness: 5
The days are long and the work to not rip each other's heads off from cabin fever alone is tough. Your family is making up games to play just to keep from driving stir crazy. You've devised a plan that may counter their woes.

You can buy 2 leisure items that don't require electricity or water to function whether you have the funds or not. Add enough Simoleons using a cheat called motherlode, or kaching it doesn't matter, and purchase these items. Afterward, set funds back to what they were before the cheat was applied.

The days are long and hard, but it's far better than what's outside.

DAY 41
I.R.= 9
(Darkness Falling, Light Restoring)
Radiation Sickness: 4
One of your household members believes you should consider the possibility that things have died down outside enough to take a peek. Although you know how long it takes for radiation to dispel and the chances of dying if you come in direct contact of nuclear fallout, you have to say that taking a short look outside can't hurt too bad, can it?

Choose one Sim to leave the home for a minimum of 2 hours. This Sim must have a Fitness or Wellness skill of 8 or higher and a Logic skill of 7 or higher.

Upon their return, perform all the necessary checks, but they have a special infectivity rate of 4 instead of the usual 9, after being exposed to the radiation.

DAY 44
I.R.= 10
(Two's a Crowd)
Radiation Sickness: 4
Things are getting pretty heated inside the bunker. Two of your household members are duking it out with your companion over dominance in the house. After a significant amount of arguing and even a physical altercation, it is deemed that they are more of a threat to the household's survival than the actual threats to their survival, and they must be removed from the home.

Choose two of your household members to be cast out into the abyss. Their levels and inventory items are of no use to you now and they can only leave with what's in their pockets.

DAY 46
I.R.= 13
(You Got This)
Radiation Sickness: 3
After such a taxing few days, you've come to the conclusion that life on this land will be hard. You spend days in the garden and nights with your family. No doubt your companion is working hard with the power and water supplies, and your family must be dealing with daily life in the bunker a little hard, too.

Fortunately, you have produced a sufficient greenhouse and power/water supply in your home. But, unfortunately, you seem to have dreamt up a life too easy, even with all your hardships.

Everyone has become sick, with both the symptoms of SR-256 and radiation sickness, though to tell the two apart, only one kills you at such a fast rate. Check every Sim for the virus and radiation sickness.

DAY 48
I.R.= 12
(don't fear the reaper) (Last day of the challenge)
Radiation Sickness: 3
It seems you and your household members have outwitted death for another day. But, the radiation is still seeping in, and that's a problem. You and your family make the executive decision that life in this bunker will only lead to sickness and death. Time to make a move.

-Choose any lot in Windenburg. Move there and build a bunker that can only be accessed two floors below the surface of the ground and have a bolted door separating your family from the outside. Any belongings may be kept, any inventory items, and any food.

This is the life you must live, constantly moving, never staying in one place long enough to call it home. But, you're surviving, even if you're not living.

You've completed the challenge! This leads to another part afterward, but I haven't gotten to it just yet. But, this piece took quite a while to construct, from matching up the days and the events - it was a lot. Anyway, enjoy!
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